The Ox Advantage

2-way Communication

Most wireless alarm systems use one-way communications. Individual sensors can transmit to the receiver. But the receiver cannot communicate with the sensors and therefore cannot communicate to the sensors that it has received the signals sent by the sensors.  The multiple communications per sensor, called “rounds”, reduces battery life.

Two-way communication enables the control panel and sensors to exchange information. This allows the wireless devices to be controlled and adjusted remotely from the panel or Remote Link™ software. DMP two-way technology sends a single message and immediately receives a single acknowledgement signal allowing it to save much needed battery life.

Stronger Signal

DMP's wireless systems operate in the frequency range between 905 and 924 MHz – an unlicensed radio wave or spectrum band that is relatively uncluttered. Our wireless products can be placed up to 1,200 feet from the receiver. With systems operating in the 300 to 433 MHz band, the maximum recommended distance between each sensor and the receiver is 200 feet. Even with a repeater that extends the distance to approximately 400 feet, a system operating in the 300 to 433 MHz band cannot match the range that DMP can achieve without a repeater.

reliable wifi

Another advantage of our two-way wireless technology is that it uses spread spectrum technology for more reliable transmission. This technology enables the system to use any of numerous channels within the 905-924 MHz band and to dynamically hop from frequency to frequency. By using spread spectrum technology, this virtually ensures that a DMP wireless system cannot be defeated by jamming. With non-spread spectrum systems that operate in a narrow frequency band, an intruder can use a wireless device to flood the area with transmissions at the same frequency used by the alarm system, thereby preventing alarm signals from reaching the receiver.



Alarm systems operating in the 300 – 433 MHz band typically aren’t used for commercial applications for several reasons. One reason is that the square footage of a typical business is considerably greater than for a typical residence, requiring sensors to be installed further from the receiver than 300-433 MHz systems can support with their limited range.

Our 905-924 MHz wireless alarm systems have considerably more range, enabling them to easily achieve the coverage requirements of most commercial installations. For locations with high square footage, DMP can support as many as eight repeaters, each of which extends the distance sensors can be placed from the receiver by an additional 1,000 feet or more.


You can use DMP's Virtual Keypad app to create virtual fences around your home or business. Based on the location services (GPS) on your cell phone, the alarm system recognizes when the fence has been exited or entered, triggering a Favorite to activate and control devices.

Automatically turn the lights on or off, lock or unlock doors, even adjust the thermostat! By having a Geofence programmed on your phone, you can receive a Smart Arming Reminder if you're the last registered app user to leave the premises and the system is still disarmed. These features enhance security, reduce energy costs, and maximize convenience. Only DMP offers the ability to create and control geofencing right on your cell phone with the app.

Unparalleled 24/7 monitoring

We partner with COPS Monitoring to provide you fast, reliable monitoring of your home or business. COPS has been a leader in security monitoring for over 40 years. Their key to success? They provide "hometown", customer-focused service by combining rigorous, selective dispatcher hiring practices with first class technology, such as six load-sharing centers strategically located to give them unparalleled ability to provide fast, efficient, and professional monitoring, even under the worst conditions.

Watch this video and imagine how a COPS Monitoring Dispatcher can make a difference safeguarding your business or home.