Commercial Security Systems

We know that the security of your business is extremely important. Security Ox offers reliable burglar alarm and monitoring solutions you can count on when it matters most. Our security systems combined with our monitoring service provide the peace of mind that comes from working with experienced professionals. Security Ox will evaluate your security risks and then help you with a plan to reduce risk and protect your business so you can rest a little easier knowing Security Ox has you covered.

Our cloud based systems work together and communicates effectively to provide you with more flexibility and control without all of the onsite equipment to maintain and upgrade. Security Ox gives you the features and functionality without all of the cost and headache of a traditional security system.

  • Automatic arming detects if your property is left vulnerable after hours and arms it automatically. Use access control to arm or disarm the alarm based on card swipe rules or set business hours.
  • Create and delete user codes instantly and manage your monitoring station emergency contact list right from the mobile app or website.
  • If an alarm is triggered, you can receive a video alert and quickly verify whether it’s an emergency or false alarm with one touch on the mobile app.
  • Was there activity in a restricted area? Was the back door left open? Stay on top of operations even when the alarm is disarmed.

With Security OX you get an all in one solution that offers security, access control, video surveillance, smart automation and more. Click the button below to get started on the road to security and peace of mind with Security Ox.